Sandalwood, Australian ORGANIC

Sandalwood, Australian ORGANIC

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Mental & Emotional Effects:  Calms the mind, harmonizes the emotional body while allowing us to connect to our higher selves. Sandalwood is one of the oldest known perfume oils. Sandalwood is a powerful tension reliever and muscle relaxant. Combined with rose oil, it is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in the plant kingdom.


    Santalum spicatum

    100% PURE & NATURAL

    Extraction method:  Steam distillation

    Parts used:  Wood

    Chakra Association:  Sacral

    Note Classification: Base

    Aroma:  Herbaceous,  warm, woody and sweet with fresh notes

    Origin:  Australia

    Traditional Uses:  As traditional Indian sandalwood has become over-harvested, the popularity of many other types of sandalwood has risen. Australian sandalwood is more sustainable and offers a great ecologically conscious alternative. It has widespread use in spiritual ritual and meditation.

    Properties: antiviral, immune stimulant, regenerative

    Mental & Emotional Effects:  Calms the mind, harmonizes the emotional body while allowing us to connect to our higher selves.

    Benefits:  Can be applied directly to help heal tissue. Supports the lymphatic system and eases nervous tension. Can be used for skin infections and regeneration.

    Blends well with:  Bergamot, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Marjoram, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang

    Other Interesting Notes: Can be used in perfumery and incense-making as its fixative properties highlight many other oils.

    Safety Data:  For external use only. Do nut apply undiluted to the skin.

    For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • GC/MS Report


    Appearance: Clear, viscous liquid, almost colorless to yellow
    Odor: Powerful, sweet and diffuse in the top notes. The woody, smokey and sweet heart notes complement the warm and rich balsamic base. It hasa true sandalwood character throughout the whole chord, with a
    tenacious woody dry-down.
    Relative density at 20*C (0.945-0.980): 0.957
    Refractive Index at 20*C (1.500-1.517):  1.5062
    Solubility in 70% (V/V) (max 5.0):  3.8
    Optical Rotation at 20*C (-16.0 to +4.0):  +3.0
    Acid Value at 20*C (max 5.0):  2.8
    E nerolidol:  1.9%
    dendrolasin:  1.4%
    beta bisabolol.:  2.3%
    z-a-santalol:  15.2%
    epi-a-bisabolol:  5.1%
    z-a-(trans)bergamotol:  3.3%
    epi-b-santalol: 1.2%
    z-b-santalol:  5.4%
    z-nuciferol:  8.1%
    e,e farnesol:  10.2%
    z-y-curcumen-12-ol:  6.9%
    z-b-curcumen-12-ol:  9.0%
    z-lanceo:  3.3%
    terpenes:  4.8%




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