Lotus Tea Light Holder

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Lotus Tea Light Holders are true works of art. Each lovely, simple flower is hand-crafted by artisans; each petal, hand-formed. Then each ceramic piece is given a hand-applied color glaze and a carefully crackled finish. So while they are the same, no two are exactly alike. These versatile tea light holders fit any décor—they are an elegant and sophisticated decoration in a formal setting or will act as a festive, fun accent for casual settings, indoors or in the garden. Choose one or several, as they all coordinate beautifully with each other and with many styles of decoration. They are thoughtful, affordable gifts, sure to be appreciated, and are also a great addition to a gift basket for any occasion. Designed to hold a single tea light, Lotus Tea Light Holder measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 3 inches.

length: 5 in  
width: 5 in  
height: 2.75 in  
diameter: 5 in  
cube: 0.00  
weight: 1.09 lb 0.49 kg
material: ceramic