Alchemy is an ancient practice dating back to the 17th Century. Alchemy was performed with natural objects, to convert lower metal like copper into gold and mortals into immortals. Since it was a hidden science confined to a school of scholars it was considered as magic by others and science by its practitioners. Based on mysticism rather than the scientific method, alchemy was eventually tossed out as a legitimate science. However, many of its findings and techniques still proved to be useful, and are still embraced by pagan and wiccan communities worldwide.


For our intents and purposes "alchemy" refers to the process of transmuting common substances, usually of little value, into a combined substance of great value. In our Moon Alchemy Candle we combine the energetic vibrations of plant, gemstone, and metal to create a unique and powerful candle energy!


Moon Alchemy Candle (8 oz)

  • In yoga, the moon is said to represent the mind. In order for us to reach a true state of union with the divine/universal energy/spirit we must dissolve the mind and go into a level of being beyond it to find freedom from the suffering experienced while embodied. This can be achieved through meditation. Try burning our synergistic Moon Alchemy Candle during your yoga and meditation practice to create an environment conducive to meditation.


    This candle is not only an excellent aid in meditation, but also for ceremony around the full or new moon, and for calming amplified emotions. It employs the simultaneous occurrence of opposites (coincidentia oppositorum.) The opposite elements activate the energy of the other two to create a unique and powerful candle energy. It's a Tree of India favorite!

    Disclaimer: Use caution when burning, especially at or near the full moon, as dogs may howl and cats wail; old lovers may reappear, expressing the error of their former ways and rekindled ardor for you. Persons of a dramatic, romantic, or poetic nature may become even more unhinged from the bearings of their psyche than usual. The purveyor of this candle is not responsible for any affair of the heart, romantic obsession, relationship break-up, or general lunar imbalance that may occur from its use.


    The Tree of India Moon Alchemy Candle is made with natural pearl powder, genuine silver leaf, and essential oils of camphor, mugwort, cedarwood, and frankincense in a pure soy base.

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