Enjoy our beautiful, all-natural Rose Sandalwood Attar from India in this adorable roll-on perfume bottle. The exquisite and delicate aroma of rose followed by a dry-down of rich, velvety sandalwood. 100% natural ingredients, imported from India. 

East Indian Sandalwood Rose Attar (5 ml)

  • Attars are the traditional perfumes of India. The creation of attar is a process that generally stays within a family and is handed down from generation to generation. 

    Attar isn’t a new commodity. Archaeologists have dug up clay distillation pots dating to the ancient Harappan civilization of the Indus Valley (c. 3000 BCE.) Of course, Hindu mythology is replete with stories of sandalwood, jasmine, and rose aromas.  

    During the many excavations in India, distillation units were found in the mighty Indus Valley Civilization, but the current trend of attars gained popularity during the Moghul era. It’s said that King Akbar had an interest in attar and his reception room was always filled with scents from different flowers. There is also a famous tale of Akbar and his minister Birbal over the spillage of a drop of attar. It is said that Akbar’s love for attar was so great that he didn’t like to waste even a drop of it, and when Birbal mocked him over his stinginess, an angry Akbar filled up an entire tub with attar!

    While they are sometimes referred to as essential oils, attars are in fact quite different. The word “attar” as it is used in India, refers to those perfumes which have been prepared by hydrodistillation of aromatic plants into a receiving vessel containing sandalwood oil.  The sandalwood fixes the volatile constituents which prevents them from evaporating out, and the sandalwood base then becomes permeated with the fragrance of the material being distilled into it. 

    Whether the plants are cultivated or harvested from the wild, it takes many hours of labor to produce enough material for distillation. In addition to being a slow and labor-intensive process, it takes a lot of aromatic plant material to produce even a tiny amount of attar. Because creating true attars is so labor-intensive, requiring dedicated and careful human attention throughout the process, there has been a decline in the number of companies who continue with these time-honored techniques.  

    With love and respect for the tradition, we have sought out pure attars of Rose Sandalwood, Jasmine Musk, and Oud. Beware of cheap imitations where the sandalwood base oil is replaced with alcohol or paraffin!

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