Our Tree of India Ajna Chakra Mist is formulated to vibrate at the naturally balanced frequency of the third eye chakra. Enjoy the benefits of this inspiring synergy blend as a room or body mist. Lightly mist it over yourself prior to meditation or spiritual practice. Spray the palms of your hands, then cup them over your nose for a more concentrated inhalation. Mist your sacred spaces or home environment to prepare for prayer or meditation and to promote concentration/focus. 


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Ajna – Third Eye Chakra Mist (2oz)

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  • Chakras are spinning "wheels" or vortices of energy originating in the ancient Vedic tradition dating back as far as 1500-500 BCE. They are part of what is known in modern yoga as the "subtle body" and they influence our spiritual, emotional, and physical expression of ourselves.  Each chakra is associated with specific aspects of our being.


    Renew balance of the Ajna Chakra or third eye chakra, with this complex blend of pure essential oils featuring frankincense and chamomile. The third eye is the center of intuition, imagination, vision and balance.


    Symptoms of an over-developed third eye chakra include:  racing thoughts, being hung up on logic, being too abstract in thinking, living in your head, endlessly planning but not doing, hallucinations, headaches/migraines.


    Symptoms of an under-developed third eye chakra include: being unconscious or unaware, being illogical, being unable to think abstractly, acting without thinking, forgetfulness, the inability to remember dreams, having vision or eye problems.


    Someone with a balanced third eye chakra will be intelligent, clear-headed, alert, thoughtful, have a good memory, have good eyesight and be generally insightful.  When this chakra is balanced, one feels strong intuition and is mentally fit. A balanced Ajna Chakra nourishes consciousness and fulfillment of vision.


    Contains essential oils of chamomile, cypress, frankincense, clary sage, cedarwood.

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