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A Tree of India exclusive! The Free Spirit Anti-Anxiety Mist is one of our most popular stress relief essential oil blends. This delightful, energetically cool blend works to clear heat from the heart when nervous tension leads to increased blood pressure and heart palpitations. Free Spirit simultaneously helps to bring emotional balance to the mind and calm the nervous system offering the necessary support to allow you to slow down, check -in, and take a deep breath.

Free Spirit Mist (4oz)

SKU: 1955
  • Anxiety isn't developed or caused by a single factor. Usually, it is a combination of things, including personality factors, difficult life experiences and physical health. Family history, stressful events, health problems, substance abuse and personality are some factors that can lead to a person developing anxiety.


    The Tree of India Free Spirit Anti-Anxiety Mist is safe to apply topically on adults. Mist lightly over oneself as needed, or mist into hands, cup hands over nose and inhale.


    Contains essential oils of tangerine, ylang ylang and rosewood.


    NOTE: Everyone feels anxious from time to time. When anxious feelings don't go away, happen without any particular reason or make it hard to cope with daily life it may be the sign of an anxiety condition. We encourage you to seek help from a professional if you are experiencing chronic or ongoing anxiety. There are many tools and resources available.


    Learn more about Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


    Consider Online Yoga Therapy Sessions for Anxiety.

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