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Treat yourself or a loved one to a winter wonderland with our delicious seasonal scents! This trio captures the essence of the holidays with crisp, warm, spicy and sweet notes. The Holiday Trinity features our most popular holiday blends, including Wonderland, Holiday Classic and Evening Woods. Each blend is mixed by hand with our premium, highest quality essential oils. Sure to brighten your holiday season and become part of your annual holiday tradition!

Holiday Trinity Gift Set

  • Why a "Trinity"? The principle of trinity is found in all the world's religions. We honor each person's right to choose their own spiritual path. We encourage the practice of tolerance and acceptance for the many and diverse ways in which we as humans choose to celebrate the life-giving energy of the universe. The gift set includes an inside panel printed with this information, and the many different words for closing a prayer:   




    BONUS:  The Holiday Trinity box doubles as a mailer! If you would like us to ship directly to your recipient, just add a note to your order and let us know the address.  We'll even include a personalized message of your choosing! Boxes are sealed with our super-cool black Tree of India shipping sticker.


    Our highest quality ingredients, and blending expertise ensure this gift set will be a hit! Tree of India essential oils are highly concentrated, unadulterated,  naturally derived, vegan, and never tested on animals. All of our products  are 100% pure and free of synthetic ingredients.  



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