Saucha Antibacterial (10 ml)

Saucha Antibacterial (10 ml)

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This is one of the most well known of all essential oil combinations. Folklore has it that during the plague epidemic, there were four thieves in France who were infamous for their ability to rob graves and corpses without contracting the disease. When they were finally caught, they divulged their secret formula: thyme, rosemary, lemon, clove and eucalyptus. Use Saucha to help support the function of a healthy immune system. 100% Essential Oil Blend.


    Try these helpful recipes to incorporate Saucha into your daily routines:


    1. Freshen up rugs and carpets by adding 5 drops of Saucha to 1 cup of baking soda; combine well and let sit overnight until the oil is absorbed. Sprinkle over rug/carpet and vacuum.
    2. Add 8 drops of Saucha to distilled water in a diffuser to create an environment of cleanliness, purity and peace. Customize your experience by adding a few drops of citrus, nutmeg or cinnamon essential oil.
    3. Put a few drops of Saucha in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes.
    4. Make a Saucha Household Cleaner by adding Saucha essential oil blend to distilled water. Use 8 drops of Saucha and ½ tsp witch hazel per ounce of water. It is best to use a dark (amber or cobalt) glass bottle if you are keeping the solution in storage after use. Essential oils can break down plastic over time and light effects the efficacy of oils.


    What does Saucha mean?


    Saucha is the first of the five niyamas (personal observances), which form the second limb of yoga as described in "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali." The Sanskrit term can be literally translated as "purity," "cleanliness" and "clearness," and it covers the cleanliness of body as well as the purity of mind. This niyama reminds one to live a healthy life and keep the body and mind pure. Healthy diet, personal hygiene and self-care are also considered saucha. Practice of saucha starts with the external environment and keeping the surroundings clean. It also includes purity of bodies from both outside and inside, relationships and speech.


    Contains essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus.




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