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Essential Oils for Fall: Diffuser recipes for creating an irresistibly warm and cozy home

The last days of summer have passed, and I don't know about you, but I am more than ready for the fall season. Fall signifies a maturing of the events and projects started earlier in the year. It is also a time to acknowledge the preservation of life and re-evaluate our basic necessities moving forward into winter. For many it represents the beginning of a more dormant time of year drenched in tradition and reflection.

Many of us have been knocked down in 2020, but we've persevered and we look toward the future with hope. Albert Camus once said that

"Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

How can we be more present? One way is to be mindful of where our thoughts go. We must stop replaying the past, and stop worrying over the future. To be present in THIS moment, stop and simply BREATHE. Feel your breath as it moves in and out through the nostrils.

Now, combine the nostalgic warmth of the fall season with in-the-moment awareness using one of our FALL DIFFUSER BLENDS. Instill a sense of grounded calm with nature's medicine in the form of 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Why diffuse essential oils in the fall?

Essential oils are all-natural and free of toxins, unlike most scented paraffin candles, air fresheners, and plug-ins. Essential oils are actually good for you, containing compounds to calm the nervous system, enhance immune function, and perhaps trigger fond memories of years past as the center for emotional memory in the brain (the amygdala) is activated.

Essential oils are the perfect fall companion for this special time of inner reflection and nurturing. Nature truly does heal!


Indian Chai Diffuser Blend

2 drops ginger root

2 drops cardamom

2 drops cinnamon

2 drops black pepper

2 drops clove

Nap Time Diffuser Blend

2 drops cedarwood

4 drops vetiver

8 drops lavender

Firelight Diffuser Blend

4 drops fir

3 drops frankincense

2 drops sandalwood

2 drops lavender

2 drops orange

Herbal Wreath Diffuser Blend

6 drops eucalyptus

4 drops rosemary

4 drops sage

4 drops fir

Forest Walk Diffuser Blend

4 drops orange

6 drops patchouli

2 drops vetiver

2 drops clove

Harvest Rain Diffuser Blend

2 drops lavender

4 drops bergamot

6 drops clary sage

Hibernation Diffuser Blend

4 drops clove

4 drops cinnamon

2 drops ginger

2 drops tangerine

Pumpkin Spice Diffuser Blend

2 drops cinnamon

1 drop clove

1 drop ginger

1 drop orange

1 drop cardamom

Crisp Breeze Diffuser Blend

4 drops lemon

4 drops orange

4 drops fir

Forest Floor Diffuser Blend

4 drops frankincense

2 drops myrrh

4 drops orange

4 drops cedarwood

Sweater Weather Diffuser Blend

6 drops eucalyptus

4 drops black spruce

2 drop sage

Fall Rain Diffuser Blend

4 drops grapefruit

4 drops orange

4 drops basil

Gingerbread Cookies Diffuser Blend

6 drops ginger grass

1 drop ginger root

4 drops cinnamon

2 drops clove

Open Windows Diffuser Blend

6 drops lime

4 drops thyme

4 drops eucalyptus

Hot Cider Diffuser Blend

4 drops orange

2 drops nutmeg

2 drops cinnamon

1 drop clove

Gratitude Diffuser Blend

1 drop ginger

3 drops coriander

2 drops clove

Forest Bathing Diffuser Blend

6 drops cypress

4 drops fir

2 drops cedarwood

2 drops sandalwood

Crisp Mountain Air Diffuser Blend

6 drops Forest Therapy Synergy Blend

4 drops peppermint

Happy diffusing. ENJOY!

~Jessica from Tree of India

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